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Book Week 2023 Author Visits

The Write Here - Write Now Mentorship Package

From humorous to heartfelt, history to mystery, every manuscript is a treasure in the making if it's important to you.

To take it from the safety of your laptop or desk draw and polish it to a publishable standard, often requires feedback and a fresh set of eyes!

In this bespoke mentoring program, we'll cover craft and creative development simultaneously. We'll hustle to get the best out of your work, while keeping your creative self as a primary focus. 

Below are some of the areas we can cover. You're also very welcome to ask questions about the publishing process at any stage along the way.


In the past 3 months, 3 writers I've mentored have received publishing offers! 

The Write Here - Write Now Mentorship program is a 1:1 writing and creative development package scheduled at a mutually agreeable time from 6 weeks to 6 months. Bookings are open now for 2024.

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Craft and Concept Coaching 

With qualifications in journalism and children's literature, I've written and edited my way across radio, television, newsprint and online. I've worked in-house for Larrikin House Publishing as both publicist and senior editor and currently work in a consultative capacity as an editor specialising in children's literature for several organisations. If you have questions about the Write Here - Write Now Mentorship Program, feel free to drop me an email anytime. Limited spaces are available, visit the store to secure a place. I look forward to working with you!


When it comes to rhyme crimes, I can help you separate the seriously sinful from the cheeky misdemeanours. If you need a second pair of eyes to read over your work or want some guidance to muscle your meter to its most melodic - I'm here to help. I've tightened syntax for some well-loved and sizzling stories that are enjoyed in libraries and homes across the world and am happy to explain suggested changes to you to help develop your own instincts with rhyming books. 


Structural editing is one of my favourite tasks. 

I describe it as lovingly (if even occasionally ruthlessly) dissecting a manuscript into its parts and viewing it in 3D. 

This can be particularly helpful if you feel you are becoming too close to your project and would like to step back and take an overall view, before returning to work through the finer details.


Are you feeling stuck or muddled? Lost sight of the yellow brick road somewhere along the way? This is where mentoring can be really helpful. Take a breath, take some time, and revisit the work with renewed energy. We can discuss the direction of your story and brainstorm possibilities... Sometimes, you just need excessive amounts of tea, chatter, a few laughs and some dedicated work time to get back on track and keep moving forward. 


A manuscript assessment is a great way to get some direct feedback on your work, in it's current form. I'll read up to 1500 words of your manuscript, or full picture book manuscript, and offer a written report outlining the strengths and potential areas for improvement.

Thank you for your generosity with your time and with your expertise.

Caroline Li

I appreciated our Zoom meeting so much. It gave me excellent insight and ideas to work with. For the first time, I feel I have a clear understanding and focus going forward and can potentially bring my dream to life one day. 

Charde Negus

Your feedback was encouraging and incredibly helpful. It gave me a boost as well as a real sense of where to go with my next re-write and I very much appreciate the time, thought and energy you put into my assessment.

Holly Bidwell

My session with Crystal was brilliant and very worthwhile!

I highly recommend.

Karen Wassen

IMPORTANT INFO: Your story, your goals. The Write Here - Write Now Mentorship Program is a unique 1:1 writing and creative development package. ALL sessions are live and 1:1, either via phone or Zoom. (allow 1 hour)  Flexibility is important as we navigate your pathway towards publication, so this flexible package is scheduled at a mutually agreeable time from 6 weeks to 6 months duration. (6 sessions total) It also includes ongoing reading of your work as required - up to 1500 words or full PB manuscript prior to any session. You can ask me anything! I'm in your corner.  Give your project and your process a boost with industry insights and an author's empathy.  The writers I've mentored who have received publication offers are stacking up!  Places are strictly limited.  IMPORTANT: Before purchasing this item, please send an email to Crystal with the subject line 'MENTORSHIP REQUEST' including a brief introduction about you, where you're up to in the industry and your goals for the sessions. This is a selective partnership program and Crystal reserves the right to decline requests at any time. Successful applicants will be invited to proceed and purchases can then be made in store. Email:

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