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Find my story, HOLDING THE SPRING, in the Rhiza Press 2022 Anthology out OCT 1. 

From the publisher:

In this exciting collection of short stories, Penny Jaye and R. A. Stephens (joint editors of the collection) challenge Australia’s YA authors to tackle themes of sustainability, caring for the environment, and the legacy we leave for one another. The resulting thirteen stories are a range of historical fiction and dystopian adventure, sci-fi settings and contemporary feels – guaranteed to leave you thinking about the impact of humanity and the difference our actions could make.


Holding the Spring by Crystal Corocher 

In an imagined (but not too difficult to imagine) future, an 18-year-old student struggles with an internal debate: join their teachers and protest for the right to teach the history of the seasons or, let go of what has been lost and the mental anguish that comes with holding memories of a past existence. 

'They knew they were fighting for history now. Environmental activism had stopped being about ‘the future’ for many years.'

Holding the Spring is available now! Get your copy of Dust Makers today. 

Dust Makers - Anthology - Including a short Dystopian YA story by Crystal

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